Stay a while and listen...

Tue 18th March 2014 - Items! And 3D!!

So after plugging in all the new items from 5.4 and previous patches, I found the WoWhead model viewer was unable to display them. So I've updated the character viewer to the new 3D model viewer .... so it turned out to be a double wammy of newness!

Checkout the Prideful Gladiator set!


Fri 14th March 2014 - New Items on the way

In what seems like (has been) years. It's high time to add the latest items to Transmogger.

Since my request from way back when didn't get a response I just let the site tick over. But it's grown over the years, so I thought it best to give Transmogger some love... Missing items are being collected and will soon be added into the database for searching and adding into loadouts.

Hang on for a little longer and they should be good to go :)

Wed 1st August 2012 - Dear Blizzard

This is an open request to Blizzard, since my WoW subscription is currently inactive and I can't post on US or EU forums.

With Pandaria around the corner Transmogger will need to fetch all the new armour and weapons available to players. It would be super nice if I could get a .zip file of the additiions for patch 5.04 rather than making 1000s of requests to the API

If by any chance a dev or friend of a dev reads this, could you pass this message onto the Web Team? Email is available here

Sun 29th April 2012 - OMG! A new website! WoW Timeline

A new website - freshly baked!

WoW has just gone live. Go lookup your character and look back at how he/she has progressed

Sat 14th April 2012 - German items are live

You can now search items with their german names.

Just switch the language to Deutsch

Tue 10th April 2012 - German translation on the way

Something that has been on the to-do list for some time now is localisation.

The problem is, there's 35,000~ available items which can be transmogrified, and Blizzard doesn't provide a way to grab all that data in one go. So the german text is being collected now - one item at a time - (currently 2.2% complete). More translations will follow soon...

Thu 8th March 2012 - Loadout list upgrade

The loadout lists have been merged into a single loadout page, with a filter at the top of the page

Default listing is done by popularity, you can still order by rating + age though

Sun 12th February 2012 - New server!

Last week saw Transmogger move to a new server - which hopefully should mean quicker browsing. But there' been some teething issues. Hopefully they have all been sorted out

Apologies for any downtime you may have had

Wed 4th January 2012 - Item update

  • First of all: Merry New Year!
  • Secondly, I've updated the item database; several items were missing plus some unobtainable items have been removed.

Thu 24th November 2011 - Update

  • Want a new skin for the site, till one is done, the site is now blue :) Feel free to submit ideas to me
  • You can now vote on loadouts!

Thu 27th October 2011 - 4.3 Items available!

Fresh dataz have arrived. Tis true!

Tier 13 and Darkmoon Faire lookalike gear is ready and waiting for you...

DK Necrotic Boneplate